Why we choose to fight?

We believe humanity faces an enormous challenge to reduce our impact on our environment. The Co2 emissions we collectively produce are almost unanimously accepted as a source of global warming (EPA, n.d.).

Of the sources of pollution transportation is firmly in the top 3 (Rifkin, 2011) . From these sources, in most places transportation is hard to influence as it follows millions of daily individual choices, rooted in habit more than anything (Thaler & Sunstein, 2008). Furthermore, the poisonous fumes coming from our tailpipes are causing the globally growing group of city-dwellers to live less or even unhealthy lives (WHO, n.d.).

Paradoxically, at the same time the solutions to face these challenges are abundant. Extremely smart and mobile technology is within reach of every Middle Income Group in the world. Clean Technology is delivering a phletora of sustainable transportation options. Insights into human behaviour are historically unparalled (Cialdini, 2007) (Thaler & Sunstein, 2008) (Payne, 2012) (Martin et.al, 2015) and increasing (Eyal, n.d.).

Transportation is a source of liberty. Livemobility aims to liberate transportation of its burdens.We believe that people should be helped to be made more aware of their environmental impact regarding their day to day mobility choices. We believe we need to make people aware of their mobility potential and help people reach that. We bring value in people’s mobility choices as we believe value is currently lost.


How - “Insight leads to change”

Help people realize how they can improve their health, take better decisions to have more time (ex: travel out of rush hours), reuduce CO2 emission, save money.

We reward sustainable mobility choices. These rewards can be a compliment, a financial reward or a new insight in possible means of travel. We use gamification to give a sense of belonging. Given the right information, and time, people can change. 

We think business and particularly employers are a catalyst in this decision-making process. Since 2011 we have been advising employers on how to reduce the cost and environmental impact of their commutes and business-travel. The bulk of business (EU, 2016) is made up of Small and Medium size Enterprices (SME). SME’s in post crisis want solutions that can pay for themselves. This directed us to target costly business waste 1) administrative processes and interruptions, in expense reports and written travel reports and 2) underused mobility assets. Targeting these subjects brings insight into savings and continuous-improvement potential. Insights for normsetting and based on [segmentable] employee feedback.

What - Want to save some time to save the world?

You enter via a Company login, placing strategic information and messaging. The company login allows for a dept or Business Unit structure. Within this structure individuals can be invited to login. All levels are supported with an individual and secured login on: https://login.livemobility.com. This opens Livemobility Desktop. Our database is able to integrate ERP systems, car-based systems

To support Livemobility Desktop we created Livemobility app on iOS and Android to automatically record trips. Use this tool to provide a unified source of all types of personal transport and provide a simple tool for expense reports, saving 90% of the administrative burden.