Efficiency in healthcare scheduling

Our innovative cloud-based platform is contributing, starting with 2016, to optimize the activity of health care providers in the South American medical industry.

Sked24 is a platform that we have developed in partnership with a South American company in order to leave in the past queueing, unhonoured appointments and waiting time for doctors.

Easy access to medical services

Making appointments, confirming or cancelling them, as well as transmitting the details of the preparation for medical examination are possible through Sked24. Thus, visits to the doctor become simpler and more accessible to patients. The advantage of the patient is that he can access the platform from anywhere, anytime with any device.

Healthcare providers have the ability to personalize the portal in the users’ native language, along with the sent messages and reminders. Each medical institution can adapt its profile to its medical profile.


Each patient receives, via the application, messages that remind him of the appointment and allow him to confirm or cancel it with a simple click. Medical staff is notified in real time, so that there is no waiting time for doctors when a patient does not honour the appointment.

Sked24, in 85 clinics in South America and Europe

Our platform was launched in 2016 and was first used in the private health care system in Chile. The areas of activity that Sked24 has contributed are varied, and the platform is easy to adapt to the specificity of each medical field, which makes it the right choice for any type of clinic.

At this point, Sked24 solution optimizes the provision of medical services in 78 units. With this software for medical clinics, the units perform monthly more than 800,000 appointments and the number promises to increase over the next period. Both reception processes and online appointments have been significantly enhanced with the help of the platform.

Optimization, efficiency and organization - Sked24 results

The Sked24 solution has been easily integrated into South American clinics. With its implementation, doctors’ amount of time has been streamlined – not just because of the increased number of appointments, but also because of the better organization of services and the efficient distribution of patients to each physician. Three months after implementation, the use of clinical digital channels by future patients increased by 50%.

Also, the use of the Sked24 platform has been translated into lowering the number of unprocessed calls. The efficiency of call center activity increased by 28%; if 7 out of 10 calls were received before Sked24 implementation, 9 out of 10 calls are currently being answered and processed.

Regarding the number of appointments made in the clinics that implemented the platform, it increased by 17% six months after implementation. Numbers are constantly increasing, so all the indicators signal a real value of the Sked24 platform. For example, from 270,000 monthly appointments made by one of the clients using the software, it reached 320,000 with the help of the platform, and the figures are now heading to 400,000 schedules.

Sked24 has also been configured in a stand-alone mobile application implemented for one of our clients. It has gathered more than 50,000 downloads on Android and about 5,000 downloads on the iOS operating system.

Future plans

The next step is to launch the platform in several countries in Europe. To this end, our team had discussions with representatives of an association for information, prevention and cancer treatment in Europe, and the contract for using Sked24 was already signed.

Another goal is to extend the range of our software’s functionalities using innovative technologies. We’ll make sure to let you know about these in our next posts.